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Nembwe / Yellow Belly Bream

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Nembwe or Yellow Belly Bream

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Being the most aggressive of the bream family, the Nembwe provides great sport for the avid adventure angler in Africa.

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Dark emerald yellow/green colouration, yellow to orange edges on the fins and bright egg spots on the anal fins in males are distinctive of the Nembwe.

This hard-hitting predator will take small lures, artificial flies and jigs. Reaching sizes of over 8lb the Nembwe or yellow belly Bream is a popular target species on the upper Zambezi and Okavango Delta and makes one of the three species (tiger, nembwe and sharptooth catfish) needed to complete the Zambezi Grand Slam.

Larger specimens prefer deep main channels in the river, whereas smaller fish are found mainly in lagoons, secondary channels and in the reed beds. Nembwe prey mainly on other fish species.

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