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Steen Bras - African Game Fish

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Steen Bras

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Often shimmering with a mother-of-pearl sheen, the steen bras is a silvery-grey fish, with a whiter underside and often has a dark vertical barred pattern down each side of the rather elongated body.

steen bras 2

The steen bras has a long snout and a narrow mouth surrounded by thick lips, and the jaws bear tiny teeth and can reach 140cm and weigh up to 65lb.

This often solitary fish has a remarkable way of feeding. To get at its diet of shrimps, worms, small crabs, and other shellfish, the steen bras blows a strong jet of water into the burrow in which its food source lives. This jet stream, created by the pumping action of the powerful gill covers forcing water through the narrow mouth, effectively blows the prey from its shelter.

In extremely shallow water, the tail of the steen bras is often seen poking through the water’s surface, as it works, snout down, to blast prey out of the sand.

Caught by fishing shrimps, squid and fish strips on the bottom, these burly bruisers can rip line off your reel in seconds. Hard fighters and very tasty fish!

steen bras