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Giant Trevally live in tropical reefs throughout the Pacific and Indian Oceans. They are pure muscle and a very, very tough adversary even on heavy tackle. They typically charge out of the reef, grab the lure and then charge back in to cut your line on the rocks.

It is basically a solid chunk of muscle with a steep, blunt head, the thickest of shoulders and strong-muscled midsections, outsized, paddle-like pectoral and tail fins. This fish is a powerful swimmer, capable of handling the strong currents in deep water environments and the pounding swells along the edges of reefs.


The GT will eat just about any small fish they can find and it's even been known to eat juvenile turtles and dolphins. It's a smash and grab predator, which means that it rushes up on its prey and stuns or kills it with a body slam. It then wolfs down the prey in a single bite so its fellow marauding pack members won’t take it from him. GTs have been seen to attack and eat smaller members of its own species. Truly a fish with no scruples or manners!!


Due to their attack methods, there are many ways to catch a GT. The most favourite of most anglers is to use large cupped-faced poppers ripped across the surface. Many GTs will attack the bait at once and explode on the surface in an attempt to grab the fleeing baitfish imitation.


Flies, jigs, deep diving and even shallow lures all catch GTs and their smaller cousins. These beasts are just so strong and are true adversaries to test any angler’s skill and strength.

Giant Trevally or GTs

Giant Trevally or GTs - African Game Fish | African Fishing Trips - Extreme Adventure Fishing

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Known to anglers as the ‘GT’, the giant trevally ranges in colour from silver to jet black and grows to as much as 5½ feet long and over 175 pounds. Anything over 100lb is a real trophy.

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