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As you can imagine, many of our African destinations also offer the chance to see some of the most awe-inspiring and colourful animals on the planet.


We want our trips to be not only for anglers but for photographers and wildlife enthusiasts also. Nearly all of our destinations give you close up and personal access to an incredible array of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and insects in some of the most beautiful, stunning lodges and landscapes in the world.


Along the Zambezi watershed, when you wake up to a dawn chorus, you’ll know you’re in Africa!! Everything just comes alive at dawn. A multitude of birds of every hue and colour and so many insects erupt in a cacophony of song and dance. Pigeons in Trafalgar Square this is not!


Giraffes, waterbuck, kudu, antelopes, water buffalo, zebras, monkeys and baboons can be seen down at the river. But, what really does it for many guests, is to see elephants come for a drink and a bath and often crossing the river or playing with each other, right in front of your eyes.


Lions can often be heard growling and roaring to each other at night, especially on the Lower Zambezi region, but just sometimes, anglers get to see them drinking at the water’s edge. On game drives, guests can often come across a stubborn lion refusing to move from in front of the jeep!

African Wildlife on Your Fishing Holiday


All along the Zambezi and its tributaries, hippos group together in large pods in the cool water. They are aggressive and must be treated with the upmost respect. They stir up the bottom, which attracts baitfish, which attract tigers and other predators. And there you have it, the perfect fishing hole with a little added danger!


And talking of danger, never underestimate the crocs in the area. These can get to be huge beasts and have been known to take children from nearby villages. Always listen to your guide and NEVER go swimming unless in a safe area and with his approval.


The bird life along the river is truly amazing, with fish eagles, hawks, kites and vultures soaring way up in the sky. Many waterbirds can be seen while fishing or game viewing like kingfishers, herons, egrets, cormorants and many other fish-catching birds. With bee-eaters, ibis, spoonbills, cranes, storks, ducks, geese, terns, skimmers, the list just goes on and on and on.

In Egypt in the bleak, empty-looking desert surrounding Lake Nasser, there appears to be no life anywhere. But there are more than 100 species of birds here, including wild duck, Egyptian geese, pelicans, herons, egrets and various species of hawks, kites, falcons and eagles. In most areas there are big Nile crocodile, monitor lizards, as well as Dorcas gazelle, jackals, desert fox and various smaller desert mammals. | African Fishing Trips - Extreme Adventure Fishing

All information above is true & accurate to the best of The Fish Finders Ltd's knowledge and belief 

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